And that’s a wonderful thing, isn’t it?

Sometimes, you go through so many complexities in your life that you lose your ability to think straight. You don’t want to worry about anything anymore. You want to feel free. You look out the window and see the birds flying in the sky. You envy them. You want to be like them. You think, only if you had wings, you’d fly out of your misery. 

But reality doesn’t let you fly. You are enclosed within your misery. Things spin out of your control long before you know it. And then, suddenly you come across something so beautiful, so powerful, that it takes your mind off of everything that makes you worried.

You discover the beauty of music. The one soothing track that you keep listening to for hours. You keep your eyes closed, listen to the music, and relax your body and soul. You don’t feel sleepy, but your heart rests like it hasn’t for a long time.

You aren’t asleep, yet you don’t want to wake up.

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