The Unbelievably Awesome Internet

So I’ve just landed on Sri Lankan airport (too lazy to type in the full name) and while waiting in the transit area, I’m trying to connect to a decent WiFi. There are a few open WiFi networks that are advertising themselves as being free. But I couldn’t really connect to any of them except one which looks like was meant for the passengers.

It asks for name and passport number whenever you try to log in. That’s okay with me. But the internet speed coming out of that network is just… let’s just show it to you.

Screen Shot

Even more interestingly frustrating is that the session apparently lasts about five minutes. So by entering your information each five minutes, you get access to the connection that has this remarkable (!) speed.

I gotta come up with other ways to spend the next four hours. :/

2 thoughts on “The Unbelievably Awesome Internet

    • Yeah, I managed to spend the time without internet connection. And yes, there are some flights that offer in-flight WiFi. However, in international flights, that connection rarely exists and even if you can find one that offers the service, the cost will be too much.


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