The Dogs That Don’t Care

stray dog dhaka bangladesh

If you’re into photography, you know that 85mm is one of the sweetest lenses you can get for some portrait photography. 85mm 1.2 is perhaps the best lens in terms of low light capability and bokeh, followed by 70-200mm f/2.8. However, for starters, both of those lenses can be a bit of an overkill.

So, having waited for a long time to get my hands on the cheapest 85mm lens, I finally gifted myself with the Canon 85mm f/1.8. I got out of the home the other day hoping to capture some street portraits. I thought I had gathered enough “courage” by watching videos on YouTube and reading articles on the web to actually go out and do that.

The reality, as it turned out, was different. I was, as I always have been, pathetic at shooting street life. There were kids playing in the streets, hawkers selling stuff, and your average street life sceneries around. But spending half an afternoon lugging around my camera, I actually ended up with one shot that I liked enough to share here. Behold, the resident of the city streets in Dhaka, a dog!

The funny thing is while I got down on his level to shoot this picture, there were people around me looking at what I was doing. That’s a typical scenario anybody would encounter when doing what I was doing. But the only creature in that entire alleyway who didn’t give a damn about what I was doing was the creature in front of the camera.

This was the only picture of him looking at the camera before he decided it was too mainstream to be facing the camera and got to do other ‘personal business’ that was probably not appropriate to photograph. 😀

In any case, the lesson is, despite the dogs’ lack of curiosity about the creature in front of him with cameras, I figured they actually make great subjects to photograph when out in the streets. People will still be looking, and it still takes a lot of courage to hold the camera out of the bag when out in public, but at least you can be sure that nobody will come looking for you if you shot and shared their pictures on the web. 😀


2 thoughts on “The Dogs That Don’t Care

  1. Nice. I also stumbled on the technique of using a telephoto lens at the closest end of its range for close ups. The narrow depth of field blurs the background and really pulls the portrait out. I took some pics in Tanzania that way, where many folks would probably not have allowed me close enough with ordinary lens.


    • Exactly. Zoom lenses, despite how much better it is not compared to primes in terms of sharpness, is still useful. I used to shoot a lot using 55-200mm lens and I enjoyed using it. Thanks for your comment.


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