The reason behind blogging can vary from person to person. What originally started as a mean for sharing one’s voice with the rest of the world has turned into a self-publishing revolution. Many people have successfully built their own businesses surrounding this activity. But that’s not very easy to do, especially today when the blogosphere is saturated with almost all the topics that you can think of.

So when someone seeks for a reason why they should keep a blog, whether private or public, what comes to my mind first is for the blogger’s own enjoyment. Sure, for those people who enjoy writing a lot, it’s a no-brainer. But even us writers sometimes think of the end results. Why should we write about what we felt this afternoon? Why would I write about how awful or awesome these past weeks have been for me?

Take this for example. About four years ago, I kept a separate, oddly-named daily blog where I would try to literally post every day about what happened that day worth writing about. I did it for a good few months until I decided it was no longer necessary (for reasons you will figure out shortly). 

Just a few minutes ago, and mind you it’s past 3 am in the morning here in Dhaka, I stumbled upon those old archives. I didn’t go through all of those posts. I was just skimming through them when I noticed this particular post titled “Using a MacBook Pro.” I clearly remember when that was and how excited I was to be able to type a blog post in a MacBook Pro, which belonged to my boss at that time at a news agency in Bangladesh where I worked.

I expressed my excitement along with how sad I was for not having a MacBook Pro on my possession. I made it no secret that I was a big fan of Apple laptops and I never really thought I’d be able to afford one.

As luck would have it, fast forward to today, my daily computer is a MacBook Pro provided by the company I work for.

In any case, at the bottom of that post, I noticed these comments which I’d totally forgotten about. Take a peek for yourself. I blurred out her name just for privacy matters which I’m sure you understand.


Now, why am I treating these comments like they are super important, you ask? Well, get this, these were from my ex-girlfriend whom for reasons I never tried to know I haven’t yet been able to get over.

That entire blog was basically a place online where I’d post about how my day has been and she’d be all over it. Of course, she didn’t comment on every single post, and she wasn’t the only one commenting on my posts, but still, she was an important reader of the blog leaving a good chunk of comments.

I realize it may not be the perfect example to say why you should blog about your life. But for me personally, it’s these little flashbacks to an earlier stage of my life that make the efforts I put into blogging worth it. Yes, it made me sad. But somewhere deep inside my heart, it made me smile, too.

Thinking about how my life was, how much has changed, and just reliving those moments when we exchanged comments on the blog simply because we weren’t allowed to use cell phones due to family restrictions make me thank my earlier self for writing those words down.

Anyway, so for me, this is the biggest and most important ‘end result’ that I can think of when asked why I often write what seems to be silly things on my blogs. Trust me on this, just like pictures, you will come back to these, and more often than not, you will thank yourself for capturing your emotions and feelings of those moments regardless of whether they are in the form of pictures or words.

Do you keep a personal blog?

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