A New iPhone 5s Because…

Because it goes best with #osx . #iPhone :3

A post shared by Aminul Islam Sajib (@aisajib) on

It happens to be my first iPhone as well. I did manage to find iPhones at affordable prices a few times before, but I never really got around to buy them. The openness that I got from Android has kinda spoiled me, if you will. 😛 Besides, there was no good reason to get an iPhone since my primary machines were running on Windows.

Now that I’m a full time OS X user, I figured the best way to streamline everything would be to get an iPhone. While the latest iPhones are already getting old as the rumors of iPhone 6s spread on the web, I decided to get a 5s instead. It’s mostly because I don’t know how long I’ll stick to iOS and I just didn’t want to get a phone that’s too big to fit my hand and pocket.

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