The ups and downs of all-day rain

So it’s been raining all day without a moment’s pause. It’s pretty interesting. The house we live in has a roof made of tin. It’s the type of house that’s commonly referred to as a tin-shade house. The downside of such house is that people give a weird look when they come to know that your house is a tin-shade house. The upside? Whenever it’s raining, I get to listen to the beautiful sound of raindrops.

Whether the upside outweighs the downside is up for debate. But instead of worrying about that, I choose to sit down and think for a moment: What’s the good side and bad side of an all-day raining?

The situation may be different in another country, but in Dhaka, it equals to major problems for those who need to go out. Whether it’s to attend classes or go to work, the streets become so filled with rain water that sometimes it literally becomes suitable for boats. Add that to the ever-growing traffic congestion during rush hours, you get the point.

For me, fortunately, a day when it never stops raining is a blessing. I never stop ranting about how much I hate the hot and humid weather of this country. When the weather becomes rainy, naturally it’s cooler. And because I don’t have to go out for my work, I consider that weather a blessing though it might not be a blessing for the majority of the city dwellers.

In any case, to each his own.

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