A New Series Reviewing CreepyPasta Stories

As I got more and more involved with reading CreepyPasta stories, I figured that there are just too many stories to go through on that site. It’d be extremely difficult for anyone to figure out which stories are good and which ones aren’t just by looking at the titles. So I started thinking, perhaps I could help?

Sure, I won’t be able to go through the sheer number of stories that are published on CreepyPasta. But as I pick up reading more and more stories, I’ll be reviewing them on a regular basis on my blog AIS Journal. The reviews will be a short synopsis of the story with a brief explanation of why I like the story. I’ll be careful not to contain any spoilers in those reviews.

The first in the series has gone out just a few hours ago. If you’re curious about reading something good, feel free to check out my short review of CreepyPasta story, Abandoned by Disney.

Hope this helps out at least some of the new folks who’ll start reading CreepyPasta now or in the near future. 🙂

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