Approaching Eid

Sometimes I wonder how time actually flies. When I looked at the Arabic calendar the other day, I realized we’re halfway through the month of Ramadan. Which means the EId-ul-Fitr, the largest religious festival for us muslims, is nearer than ever. Eid-ul-FItr happens to be the most widely celebrated festival in Bangladesh as well. Starting in a few days, the rush to get home near to the loved ones will begin. A lot of people stay in Dhaka to either study or for their work while their family and loved ones stay in other districts. Eids — Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha — are the two occasions when they get to see their families.

Plus, the festivities are so big that they are ready to accept any level of trouble to get home. Just Google “Eid homecoming in Bangladesh” to see countless images on the web depicting the insane rush to get home.

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