Reading Stories

One of the many things that I always feel bad about is my inability to understand literature. There are so many great books out there, but I can’t read them. Not because they’re not available, but because my knowledge of English isn’t rich enough so that I can read a story and dive deep into it without constantly rushing back and forth with a dictionary — whether a real one or a digital one such as Google Translate.

If it wasn’t for that language barrier, I’d totally be a book worm. No, I might not have a shelf full of books, but I would have a large library of digital books and I would totally find a use for the tablet device that has been lying around lately.

So what changed?

Not much, actually. I stumbled upon CreepyPasta the other day. It’s not the first time I stumbled upon it. In fact, I’ve written about The Smiling Man, one of the most favorite CreepyPasta stories of all time, on my other blog and it remains one of the most visited post to date. What I discovered the other day is, because most of the stories on CreepyPasta are written by your average people — not hardcore fiction writers — they are mostly easy to read. There aren’t complex grammars to bend my mind with, or overuse of idioms and phrases that could send me on a wild hunt to Idioms dictionary.

In other words, most of the CreepyPasta stories feel like diaries written by your regular folks. Perhaps that’s the secret behind the success of CreepyPasta? I don’t know. But I’m glad I discovered this. There are endless stories to go through on CreepyPasta. While not all of them are necessarily worth the time, it does feel good to finally be able to read and understand the story without requiring dictionary assistance every few minutes.

The fact, however, remains true that I still cannot read the many books that I plan on reading someday, including the original Harry Potter series. 😦

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