Impossible Enemies

borderlands A screengrab of Borderlands off the web.

So I’ve had a bit of multiplayer fun with a couple of my friends. It started off smoothly, but eventually it got to a point where we were dying more often than we killed enemies. I was told that Borderlands is a game that shouldn’t be taken lightly. But I wasn’t told it would be impossible to kill enemies. 

It’s one of those games that I wouldn’t probably buy it if it wasn’t for the rabbit hole we all know and love called Steam sales. Every time Valve puts up the sales on its store, a power far more powerful than my will — or anyone’s will for that matter — forces us to buy games that we probably will never play.

steam sales

I’m not a big fan of games that are too difficult. Borderlands, despite having a single player mode, is way too difficult, if not impossible, to finish without help from others. In other words, without some sort of multiplayer, it can be insanely difficult to progress in the game.

Since there were three of us interested in the game, and because the price was damn attractive, I didn’t see a reason not to buy it. Despite the game’s cartoonish graphics, it’s actually fun to play. It has tons of weapons. Tons of enemies. And multiplayer works really great.

steam summer salesThat is until you get to the point where Badass enemies spawn. The three of us — and later two of us — not only had a hard time killing enemies with a badass prefix, we simply couldn’t. We had quite some heavy weaponry and still we failed to do any damage to the enemies. It got to a point where the two of us are wondering if it’s a glitch or something. How are we supposed to kill enemies that just won’t die?

In any case, we decided it was enough for one day. The thing is, there may never be a next day. Although Borderlands is definitely a great game and is worth playing, if the impossible enemies continue to spawn, we might not play as much.

That brings up the point, what was the point of buying the game? I knew it would come down to this. After all, neither of us are hardcore gamers (at least, I’m not). So why did I buy it anyway?

Well, because, you know, it’s Steam sales. 😀 So the impossible enemies get a free pass just because I paid just $1 for the game. 😉

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