Sleeping at night? Too mainstream

Let’s get to the point. I think any metropolitan city is at its best late in the night. After the day long rush, city starts to slow down as people get home and prepare to sleep. At midnight, most cities, at least in this part of the world I presume, are almost empty. I wish markets and roadside shops remained open throughout the night so that I could take a walk late in the night and not be afraid to be mugged or stopped by the police.

Anyway, with that not as an option, the next best thing is, you guessed it, the internet. It’s not just that nighttime here equals to daytime in the western world, it’s also the fact that most geeky folks from Dhaka also happen to be online late at night, which is reason enough to not sleep most nights.

True, there maybe health risks involved. But sometimes it does feel like the body clock has surrendered to my will and decided to treat night as day and day as night. 😀

It also happens to be that my work schedule is flexible, allowing me to work during late nights and early mornings. This helps me avoid the mostly humid weather in Dhaka and keep the day time free to run errands when necessary as all as daydream — literally. 😛

Funny thing is, while our parents don’t always agree to this weird scheduling of ours, during the month of Ramadan, most of them actually rely on us to wake then up early in the morning so that they can have Sahri on time. I saw a meme on Facebook the other day proving I’m not the only one.

So I’m just enjoying the calm nights and proving to be an important guy to my parents for once. 😛

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