Lost Photographic Opportunities

Anyone who knows me knows it well that I hate sunny days. While it may come as a surprise to the western readers who see cooler weather most of the time, in this part of the world, winter is more appreciated. The scorching heat of the sun just adds to the misery of huge traffic congestions and humidity.

As a result of heat, I have to give up tons of photographic opportunities. I like it best when there is a cool, sort of rainy weather. Although it has been raining almost all day since the past week, the rain does stop every once in a while giving me the weather I crave for all the time.

Only if it wasn’t the month of Ramadan would I be able to actually go out, summon a few friends, and take pictures. In Ramadan, people are generally not at their best as a result of fasting. Besides, the rush to get to home before Iftar starts in the afternoon – which I think is the best time for photography. This results in major traffic congestions throughout the whole month of Ramadan.

I just went out for some work and was sort of sad that such awesome weather is just passing by and I can’t make use of it. Well, technically, I can, but I’m too tired to do so, if you know what I mean. 😉

Perhaps the nice weather will be around when it’s Eid?

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