How This Site Happened

I’ve had tons of domains for a while now, and they were leading nowhere. I bought most of those domains hoping to write on those niches, but as it turns out, that’s never a good idea. I still do have a few running blogs, but I wanted to make use of the domains that I’m paying for.

Years ago, I had the domain As you know, A.I. Sajib is the shortened form of my rather long name, and who doesn’t want to have a domain in their name! I had that, but thanks to my unresponsive domain registrar, I lost it. They were nowhere to be found when I needed to renew my domain. As a result, the domain expired and was registered by someone else.

With .com unavailable, the next best thing I could have is .me. I registered a while ago with NameCheap, but somehow forgot to renew it too. Thankfully, the domain was still available for purchase and I didn’t see any reason not to register the domain right away.

So, with my — the main personal blog — still active in full swing, what did I need this site again? Well, firstly, this won’t be my main personal blog. Rather, it’s just a place to route people to my social channels as well as my blog at AIS Journal. I think everyone needs a sort of static website introducing themselves to the world. If I had domain, my blog from would still be there. As you can see, the name AIS Journal is good for a blog, but not so much for a static, personal website. 

That’s what this site is for. Next time I make business cards, will be the address I print so that people can land here and know who I am without landing on my blog first. This site, too, has a blog section and I’ll use it just to post random silly stuff from my mobile. I’ll use it as a journal to upload stuff that don’t necessarily need to be on AIS Journal (I happen to have developed a good following on that blog and I don’t want to annoy people with random stuff).

Call me silly, but you can’t deny the importance of static websites. Long ago, static was how people’s portfolio websites used to look like. After a few furious years of uprising of the blogosphere, we sort of have rolled back to the static content when it comes to portfolio websites. Take a look at some of the creative folks’ portfolio websites. You’ll see their portfolio and awesome CSS3 animations and parallax effects.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but those do look like static pages that don’t change every other day. 🙂 That’s what I’m going for with this site. It’ll be like virtual business card (site) from where people can get to know me at a glance and then find me on different places, including my personal blog at AIS Journal, without having to remember many URLs.

I don’t expect any traffic at all in this site. But I do hope to look back in a few years and browse through the sort of junk that I’ll be posted in what I’m calling Scroll section of this site. 🙂

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