About Aminul Islam Sajib

Welcome, fellow citizen of earth!

My name is Aminul Islam Sajib, shortened as A.I. Sajib, and I’m a passionate technology blogger and hobbyist photographer. I work as a Happiness Engineer at Automattic, the company that makes awesome products such as WordPress.com and Jetpack.

I write primarily on my personal blog at AIS Journal. I upload photos on Flickr, but you can find my portfolio photography site at AIS Pictures (Like on Facebook here). For everything else that is silly, they go into the scroll section of this site.

I love talking about gadgets, writing, photography, and life in general. I’m a good listener, but that’s probably because I’m the worst talker you’ll ever know. Feel free to follow my on my social media channels, read my blog, read the really silly ones, and drop me a message if you so desire.